How to get your photos restored

The examples on our first pages will give you a rough idea of the cost of our photo restoration or photo enhancement work.

But the best thing to do is to get your photo(s) to us, so that we can give you a precise quotation.

      • Get the photos to us for restoration

There are a number of ways you can get your photos to us:

You can post them to us (email us and we will give you the full postal details.)   It's best to send them by Special Delivery to minimise risk. (The Post Office assigns a tracking number to each Special Delivery item, as the couriers do.) Needless to say, we can't take responsibility for photos in the post. 

You can scan them on your own scanner and email the files to us at (See the Scanning page for advice on scanning.)

You can get the photos scanned at a high street copying/scanning shop and put onto a CD. (The instructions on the Scanning page apply here also.) You can then take the CD home and email the images to us (or post the CD if you prefer).

You can, of course, also bring them to us in Kensington. Email us to make the timing arrangements.

Tell us if there are specific photo enhancements that you would like. Otherwise, we will use our judgement. Either way, we will decide what enhancements are feasible and how much work is involved..
      • We do the work ...

...and email you the improved photos for you to review.

      • We email a quotation to you ...

... telling you what we can do and what the cost of each photo will be.
      • You reply by email...

... telling us which of the photos you want us to enhance.

      • We do the work ...

...and email you the improved photos for you to review.

(There is absolutely no risk to the original photo during the restoration process. We scan the photo into the computer, and all the restoration is done in the computer.)

      • You review the proofs

... and let us know if any further work is needed. We will make adjustments as necessary.

You pay only when you are happy with the proofs.

Go to the How to Pay page for detailed payment instructions.

      • We send you the final images ...

We can send the restored photos to you by email.

Or we can put the images onto a CD and post it to you, if you prefer. You will then be able to take the CD to a high street printer and order as many prints as you wish, at whatever size you prefer.

If you have any questions at all about what we can do, how to go about it - or anything at all to do with digital photo work, then please email us


Get your photos restored by PhotoValet.