Photo Restoration

On our Home page you will find many examples of restored photos, together with indicated prices to give you an idea of what your photo restoration might cost.

This page enables you to go into the subject in more detail. Photo restoration can be needed for a number of reasons. There are so many different ways in which a photo can be damaged. The following pages show you examples of succesful restorations under a number of headings:

Browsing the categories will give you a good idea of the capabilities of our photo restoration experts. It is very likely that the damage to your photos falls into one of the categories. But even if it doesn't, we will probably still be able to work wonders on it. Get in touch at and let us give you free advice and a quotation with no obligation.

Remember, you don't have to pay anything until you have seen a proof and you are happy with it.

Get your photo restoration done by PhotoValet.