Why use PhotoValet for your Photo Restoration ?

The very important question: why should you entrust your photo restoration, photo repair or photo enhancement projects to PhotoValet ? 

Well, firstly, read the testimonials on our page at  www.freeindex.co.uk.

PhotoValet is a low overhead operation, centred on Kensington, London. So if you are based in London, it is not too difficult for you to have a face to face consultation on your photos. Contact us by email to make arrangements.

PhotoValet consists of a group of very experienced photographers with top quality digital photo editing skills working from their own homes, so we can:

  • between us work 365 days a year.
  • provide a fast turnaround. We will give you a quotation within 24 hours and expect to be producing proofs within 48 hours (although completion of a big job will of course take longer). 

  • keep our prices low compared with many other sites.

We specialise in photo restoration and enhancement. We do not sell any other products. So we have to be good at it ! We don't want to badmouth other businesses, but we have had customers bring us photos to restore even after having them done by high street shops that offer photo restoration as an add-on to their usual services.

We do not try to sell you prints after we have done the enhancement work. You are free to buy your prints wherever you wish. We will be happy to advise you on where you can get your photos printed - onto paper, canvas or other medium. We do not usually recommend spending extra for top quality archival paper designed to last 100 years because, once you have your digital images, you can make more prints in the future as necessary.

Some sites require you to upload your images onto their website. We don't do this. If you can't bring your photos, or mail them, to us, we think it is better for you to email your photos to us. Then:

  • You are not limited to only sending JPEGs. You can send RAW, TIFFs or other formats if you have them.
  • If you use the free service at www.wetransfer.com , there is no effective limit on file size.
  • You do not have to download software onto your computer and therefore you can deal with us from any computer.

Email us  with any queries you may have and to get a free quotation.

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