Digitization and Restoration of 35mm Slides and Photos

So many of us have old 35mm colour slides that we can't view because our projector is broken. The answer is to digitize them (or digitise, if you prefer that spelling !) Then they can be viewed on a computer, displayed in a digital photo frame, or they can be printed out.

We digitize 35mm slides by scanning them at very high resolution (at least 1,200ppi - about 6 times the resolution of a normal printer) because you will want to enlarge them.   

The cost of scanning and digitizing 35mm slides is only £5 each, plus £1 for the CD/DVD, plus postage and package. If you want them scanned at higher than normal resolution i.e. above 1,200ppi, then the scan takes longer and the cost becomes £6 per slide. We can also scan slides of size other than 35mm - at £8 per slide.

Or you may have photos that you want to digitise. We can scan photos for you also at £7per photo, plus £1 for a CD/DVD, plus post and package. (This price is for scanning at a resolution of 600dpi. If you want a higher resolution, the price goes to £10 per photo because the scanning takes longer.)
That assumes that the photos are no larger than A4. Larger photos up to A3 in size can be scanned at a cost of £10 each.
We can also scan much larger images by making a number of overlapping A3 scans and joining them together in the computer. The cost of this is £20 for each of the scans involved. This is particularly useful for scanning large school or regimental photos.

We can also scan negatives and make them into positives. If the negatives are 35mm film strips, the price for slides applies. Otherwise the price is as per photos.

Even if your slides or photos have been stored in a dry, dark cupboard, you may find that they have deteriorated and will need some restoration. We will give you a quotation for any restoration that is needed. It will be your decision whether to do that restoration or not.

Even if you do not want full restoration, when we scan each slide we do a basic colour/contrast correction - because even if they have been stored in a dark, cool, dry place, colours can fade over the years.

If you only want the slides or photos scanned and there is no restoration work involved, then there is a minimum charge of £20 plus p&p.

Email us if you have any queries and to obtain the postal details.