Photos with tears and scratches to be repaired.

Many photos have led a difficult life and have the scars to prove it ! Scratches or tears can sometimes hide significant parts of a photo.  Usually it is clear from the photo what is missing. Sometimes it is necessary for the restorer to use his/her imagination.

Often a gap in a photo can be repaired by copying another part of the photo that has not been damaged. Sometimes we borrow from another photo. There are many ways of overcoming seemingly insuperable problems. Even if the damage is very severe, don't assume that there is no hope. Let us see the photo and advise you on what can be done.

   Here is a fine military figure
in a very poor state - being held 
together by sellotape ! We were 
able to restore him to a state

his regiment would be proud of .

This restoration cost £60.

  A tear can be so severe that it goes
through the whole photo. You may be
tempted to try and join the pieces together
before scanning them and emailing the
result to us.

In fact, it is usually better to scan the two pieces
separately and let us have them so that we can
join them together in the computer.

A restoration job like this is likely to cost
 somewherein the range of £30-50
upon how much damage there is in addition
 to the major tear.

 The cost of a restoring a photo
with cracks or scratches depends
very much on where the damage is. 
In this photo, the damage was not to
 the face, so it wasn't too difficult.

This restoration cost £25.


 Here is a torn photo where
there was damage to the
face but not through the
important facial features,
so this was not too difficult.

The unwanted lettering was
also removed.

A repair like this would cost
about £20.

You can see more examples of torn and scratched photos succcesfully repaired on our Examples Blog page on this website.

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