Colourising photos

It is possible to put colour into black and white photos. Sometimes that was done to the original photograph and the colours have faded over time and need to be restored.  Sometimes it is nice to put colour into a photo had never was colourised.

  Any photo can have colour put into it. The cost
 will essentially depend upon how many different
 coloured areas there are. The colourising of this
 photo would cost about £15 on top of the restoration

  This black and white photo had
 originally been colourised by
hand.  It was worth taking the
 trouble to reproduce the effect.

There were obviously also some
tears and scratches to remove.

The restoration cost was £30.

  This photo had also been
colourised originally. It was
hard to know what colours
had been used. Some
creativity was needed.

A restoration like this would
 cost around £40

Colourising can also
be done for special effect.
This partial colourising was
thrown in as a freebie after
 the restoration had been done



 Sometimes it is not clear whether a photo
originally had colour, or not. It can still be 
colourised, with the customer's guidance.

And you can see further examples of colourised black and white photos on our Blog page on this website.


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