Faded photos

Fading is a problem that faces all photographs eventually. And some photos from the '60s and '70s are even more vulnerable than those from the Victorian or Edwardian era, because of the different chemistry involved. Keeping photos in a cool, dry and dark place will slow down the process, but that is not very helpful if you want to display your family photos proudly on the wall !

So the time will come when nearly all photos will benefit from some restoration. If the fading is evenly spread over the photo, then restoration can be very quick and not expensive. It might be as little as £5 per photo.

Fading is not just a question of dark becoming light - colours fade at different rates, so the colour balance of a photo can change dramatically. Thankfully, the computer programs can usually correct the imbalance and restore the original colours.

  Here is a photo in which most
of the colour had faded away.  
But the fading was fairly even.

There were also some specks
to be removed. 

This restoration cost £15



Here is another example of a faded
 photo without too much damage.
Cropping was wanted plus a variety of
technical steps to increase clarity.

The writing could have been removed
or enhanced.
 Approximate cost: £15



  A modern photo whose
colours had faded badly.
Approximate cost: £15


 Many colour photos fade to a monochrome red.
You might  think that all colour information had been lost,
 but it is often possible to recover the original colours.

Mind you, it is a lot easier when there is a
substantial clue - for example, grass tends
 to be green ! But that is just to say that restoration
 is not a wholly scientific process, there is judgement
involved and it often helps to have guidance on the
original colours from the owner of the photo.

You can see more examples of the restoration of faded photos on our Examples Blog page on this website.

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