Photos with Parts Missing

Sometimes a photo may have a significant part missing and seem impossible to repair. But there are many ways of meeting this challenge. Copying from undamaged areas of the photo may be the answer. This will usually involve rotating and resizing the undamaged area to make it fit over the damaged part. And there is usually a good deal of work to be done to merge the repair into the original so that it is not obvious what has been done.

 The cracks across the face and
other parts of the photo were not the
real challenge here. The difficulty was to
produce some hair that would look
realisitic - and even get a straight parting !

Hair is always difficult to work with.

A restoration like this would cost about £25.

 here Here is another photo with
damage to hair. And also a lot
 of fading to be repaired.

This repair cost £20. 

 Sometimes it is necessary
to undertake virtual plastic surgery !
Part of this soldier's right hand was
missing. It had to be constructed
by a combination of copying from his
left hand and drawing with the
graphics tablet.

A repair like this would cost about £40.

If an important part of a photo is missing, for example part of someone's face, then it can be very useful to have another photo of the same person. Ideally, such a reference photo should be similar eg the subject smiling or not smiling in both photos. But usually any such reference photo is useful to some extent even when they are not similar.

You can see more examples of the restoration of photos with substantial missing parts on our Examples Blog page on this website.


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